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Helicopters Over Boston takes Aerial Crane and Helicopter Lifting very seriously. This is not just a sideline hobby; it is a large part of our business in Massachusetts. Because of this, Helicopters Over Boston has some of the best precision aerial crane pilots in our affiliate network. Helicopters Over Boston has arranged aerial lifting operations for many of the largest mining, oil & gas, utility, and salvage companies in Massachusetts as well as serving crane companies as a cost effective lifting solution or "aeiral crane."

Heavy Lift Helicopters Boston Massachusetts

All of our affiliate lifting helicopters in Boston are equipped for all aspects of aerial lifting & construction operations including long line capability and lightweight aluminum concrete kibbles with a large capacity which allows for quick and cost effective concrete placement to remote areas. All lifting and safety equipment is registered electronically as well as tagged and tested as per the government required schedule to ensure serviceability and safety during all lifting operations.

Construction Helicopters Boston

Lifting operations often include air conditioning (HVAC) units, pipes & materials for dredging operations, steel structures, machinery, excavators, bobcats, concrete towers, power poles, cellphone towers, and even spas. Why use an Aerial Crane, or carry out a helicopter lift? With minimal set up costs, fast delivery, and unlimited reach; the helicopter lift is often the easiest and most cost effective option. Contact Helicopters Over Boston today for your next lifting operation. You will find our kind and courteous staff easy to deal with and our helicopter specialists are knowledgeable and efficient. We understand this may be your first helicopter lift and it may seem daunting, so our friendly staff will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your helicopter lift in Boston will be an enjoyable experience.


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